Coyote Gulch next week and footwear recommendations?

Mike Yang

Nov 6, 2013
Hi everyone,
Total noob, so sorry if I miss some important social norms or better ways to use the site.

Friend of mine and I are hoping to do a two night, three day trip into Coyote Gulch. My main question is actually around recommended footwear. Because the nighttime temps are pretty low, I'm not thrilled at the prospect of just wandering around with cold wet boots and feet. Am thinking waterproof boots and gaiters are the way to go, but would love feedback on whether neoprene socks (or some other option I'm not thinking of) would be a better idea.

Also, just thought I'd check if folks had been there recently and any conditions they thought I should know about. Thanks!
Hey Mike!

Welcome to BCP!

You're going to be walking in water most of the time in Coyote Gulch. It's usually not very deep, but it's consistent and you should probably plan on waterproof boots and gaiters not keeping you dry for long. With it being colder, the ideal situation in my opinion would be neo socks with shoes that can get wet and then something to change into at night in camp. For me I'd just use my Vivobarefoots (great ultralight camp shoe) and a thick pair of socks. Crocks or something would work too.

I haven't been down that way in a while but I hear the road is back in decent shape after all the flooding earlier this fall.