Coyote Gulch btw 22 and 27 May - anyone wanna share a ride?


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Apr 13, 2012

Happy Monday Everyone!

My husband and I will be heading to the GS - Escalante NM to spend a couple of days in the beautiful Coyote Gulch and are looking for two desert hiking enthusiasts who we can share the ride with. We will be renting a spacious 4WD and have two extra seats.

We are starting our trip in Vegas and will fly out from there. You can join us there or basically anywhere between Vegas and the town of Escalante.

Logistics are as follows:

1. 22/05: Arrive to Vegas on 22/05, and pick up car at the airport.
2. 23/05: Head to the GS - Escalante NM early in the morning, start backpacking early afternoon. Trailhead: tbd.
3. 05/23 - 05/26 early afternoon: Backpack in Coyote Gulch.
4. 05/26 afternoon: Head back to trailhead, staying in Escalante town for overnight.
5. 05/27: Leave to Vegas early morning to catch an afternoon flight.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Cheers and have a great week!