Cooking for a large group of Scouts

Dave B.

Aug 19, 2014
I will be taking a group of Varsity Scouts on a 50 miler, to the Uintas, this summer. I was wondering what advice any of you might have for cooking and prepping meals for a group of about 15? What type of stove and pot equipment is best for groups like this?
I've never done this kind of thing, but I have brothers who have led such groups. They found that dividing the group into cooking groups was the best solution. So like 3-4 people would all be in a designated cooking group that shared a stove and pot for the entire trip. The easiest way to make that simple is for people to have meals that only require hot water (freeze dried dinners, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, etc.). So they boil up one big pot of water, prepare their meals, then everyone can pretty much eat together and at the same time without having to wait for the stove to become available or having to carry some huge thing.

As to the equipment, I'd say just a typical backpacking stove like a Jet Boil or Pocket Rocket and maybe a 1-2 liter pot per group.
I'd have them cook, shop for, and prepare their own meals (with some prep hikes in between to get them up to speed).
I'm interested in where your going. I'm also planning a 50 miler with my scout troop in the summer of 2015 and I'm fairly new to the area.
We will be heading into the High Uintas our plan is to go the first week in August:

Day 1 : Start at the Highline trail, near Mirror Lake, to Pigeon Milk Springs
Day 2: Over Rocky Sea Pass into Rock Creek Drainage to Helen Lake via Rosalie and Gladys Lake, camp at Helen Lake
Day 3: Head to Ledge Lake then camp at Phinney Lake or Anderson Lake
Day 4: Skirt base of Explorer Peak to Squaw Lake/Shamrock Lake
Day 5: Enter Squaw Basin and head towards Rudolph lake up and over Tworoose Pass and camp at either Tworoose or Kidney Lake in the Brown Duck basin
Day 6: Hike out to Moon Lake

I think @DAA did a trip similar to the one we're planning here.
This thread has some other info and might be a good place to begin as well.

If anyone else has any feedback on the trip I have planed I would love to hear. I am looking for good places to stop for lunch and refill water and where are some good fishing spots along the way.