conditions at the Mexican Mountain road?


Mar 28, 2012
One of my kids wants to camp off the Mexican Mountain road starting this Friday March 3. Does anyone who lives in that part of the world know whether that's a reasonable idea at this time? @Udink maybe? They're not worried about the cold -- it's a bunch of 18-year-olds who camp a lot -- but I told them I'd ask around and see whether snow cover or mud or ice on the roads makes this into a silly idea. Thanks!
The best recent sat imagery is from February 24, and it shows that most of the snow is on the plateau above (to the north of) Mexican Mountain Road.


Use this link and move the date slider back (bottom), and turn on the other three base layers (left side) to see the changing conditions. Cloud cover is really in the way the last week or so.

I think my only worry would be mud, but I'm not sure how bad that road gets when wet. Should be clear the rest of the week so it may have time to dry out.
looks like they're going to go to the Silver Island Mtns instead of the Swell, I think that's a good choice due to fewer miles off pavement and none of it on clay roads
I just got back from Lockhart Basin. There was a lot of snow still in Indian Creek and higher elevation areas of the Swell and Canyonlands. For all of the precipitation and cooler temps I was surprised how little water remained in potholes where the snow had melted off.
Was just in the lower Dirty Devil gorge for a few days, nice and warm there! Except Thurs which was breezy and cool, and today some weather is moving in
Just for the record, this Monday, March 6th, the Mexican Mountain road was clear and dry.
I like this video but I do not understand why bro aired down before driving the Mexican Mountain Road
I like this video but I do not understand why bro aired down before driving the Mexican Mountain Road
I think his van is a 3/4-ton, so if it's anything like my truck it runs like 55 psi in the front and 70 psi in the rear at highway pressures. So probably to keep his "house" from shaking apart at those pressures.
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