Cleaned, lubricated & adjusted


Aug 9, 2007
Anyone ever send a lens in to get CLA'd from Canon? I'm starting to think I should do that with my 10-22mm EF-S that fell in the river with me on my Shingle Creek trip last June. It definitely got some liquid in there as there was condensation inside. Just not sure how much it's affecting picture quality. I think it's the worst when I shoot into bright lights and not so noticeable other times.

Anyway, wondering how much, how long, etc. Canon doesn't really provide specifics.
I don't know about Cannon but it took 3 months to get mine back from Nikon a year or so back...
The only time I've sent lenses into Canon was for repair and it only took a few weeks. They were under warranty so I can't give you an estimate on cost. I sent mine to the Irvine Repair Center. One other thing you might consider is asking Pictureline if they have a similiar service. They have stores in Draper and SLC.
I can't speak for Canon, but as a NPS member, whenever I send something in for repair under warranty or otherwise, I get a free loaner (just pay for shipping).
Nikon Pro Services (sorry, that could have meant anything on here :) ). I know Canon has a similar program, but don't know what it takes to join and if you'd be able to qualify, but it might be worth looking in to.
I tried to find my receipt but alas it was not to be.. I think it was about $75 including shipping