Castle/Conundrum/Hot Springs Trip - Colorado


Mar 7, 2023
What do you y'all think about this loop?

Castle Creek TH --> Conundrum Couloir to summit Conundrum --> Ridge line to Castle --> Backside down to Conundrum Hot Springs --> Conundrum Creek Trail, turn right to go to Electric Pass --> Cathedral Lake --> Cathedral Lake TH --> either hike or bike back to car at Castle Creek TH

I'm thinking we camp at the base of the couloir, hit it first thing when we wake up so the snow is hard still. I put together this loop by connecting different trails I saw online. Seems super doable. When I looked on caltopo the slope seems fine from Conundrum Creek Trail to Electric Pass.
You are aware that you need a reservation for the hot springs and most of that area, right? It's available at

Yeah I wasn't going to camp at the hot springs. I was planning on camping at the base of conundrum coulior which is in the light blue zone which just says "self register at trailhead". I haven't found anything that says you need a permit to visit, just to camp. Am I wrong about that?
All the permits I know of are for camping, so you’re probably OK to visit the Hot Springs without anything. (I guess there’s more than one way to interpret that. LOL.)
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