Capitol Reef in September?


Jan 9, 2013
Planning a trip to Utah late September, essentially last week of the month. 2 night/3 day backpacking trip. Could stretch out a day if needed.

Was looking into Capitol Reef NP, as I've missed it everytime I've gone out there. The Lower Muley Twist region has some potential, esp with side-hikes to Hamburger Rocks.

Any idea what the water situation is like usually down there? I know past performance doesn't equal future performance, but trying to feel out my options. I really, really, really hate dry camping.
Any other suggestions? While I love canyons/narrows, what really gets me going is more wide open vistas to camp in (with water!)

Was there last year in early October. Hiked into Hall's Creek canyon & narrows. Good water in there but I don't know if it was an especially good water year or not. I'd call the park for their input.
Was there about a week ago. It's been a pretty dry summer and temps (at that time) were about 8-10 degrees above normal according to several park employees.
I generally do not trust park staff because they have been wrong too many times. For myself, I am inclined to hold on desert backpacks of this nature unless there is perennial H20 where I'm going. Spring is best.