Capitol Reef in April


Mar 1, 2012
Now that ski season is starting to wind down I starting to plan some spring Southern Utah trips. I haven't been to Capitol Reef since I was a kid and hav never done any hiking there. Does anyone know if there is any decent 2-3 day backpacking routes?


Mike K

Jul 6, 2012
Now that ski season is starting to wind down I starting to plan some spring Southern Utah trips. I haven't been to Capitol Reef since I was a kid and hav never done any hiking there. Does anyone know if there is any decent 2-3 day backpacking routes?


I'm planning a Capitol Reef trip for the end of the month and I'm looking for something as well. Mine will probably be a shorter one night backpack.

You might check out Halls Creek Narrows for a 2 or 3 night trip. A lot of the slots/washes/gulches off of the Notom road are fun, too. But those are just day hikes.


Aug 9, 2007
Spring Canyon, Upper Muley and Lower Muley are also options, but like most hikes in Capitol Reef, water will be the issue. I haven't done those hikes but I believe Lower Muley has a few springs during wet times as does lower Spring Canyon. Upper Muley I think you're hosed but the views might make up for it. Halls Creek is awesome but I wouldn't want to do it in less than 3 days and maybe a little later in the season to fully enjoy it's aquatic goodness.


Desperately Seeking Sandstone
Jan 21, 2012
All the ones Nick mentioned would fit the bill nicely. I'm actually planning a trip right now for an overnighter in April through Lower Muley to the Hamburger Rocks. Great minds think alike.:)


Jan 20, 2012
I went to Hamburger Rocks last April 23rd and it was windy and cold at night. I went sans tent and wished I had brought one because the wind sliced right through my sleeping bag. It was still awesome and not too uncomfortable, but I would advise extra consideration for the forecast and proper layers.
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