canon err 01 - lens contact dirty


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Jan 22, 2012
so as I alluded to in my TR for quandary my 15mm fisheye has been giving me some issues. "err 01 - communication between camera and lens is faulty. clean lens contact" I've tried multiple times to clean it with rubbing alcohol, and then resorted to using an eraser. both proved to be in vain though as the problem still exists. I scowered the depths Google and those are top two ways shown to clean them. I didn't really see anything else creative beyond buying someone's product which is probably rubbing alcohol anyways.

So with that said, anyone here ever had this issue before? Any ideas on how to fix it before I shell out big bucks and have to take it to a repair shop?
yikes, I haven't seen that actually. that's rather worrisome. For the record - body is a canon 60D, lens is a canon 15mm fisheye. I have successfully used my other lenses (mainly my 17-14L and 50mm prime) since then messing around up at Brighton and camera worked, at least as far as I can tell, like normal. good enough for me to get some pics I'm pretty happy with and are already on fb.

more details on what it does - it seems to auto focus but when I snap to take a picture with it the..aperture.. goes nuts and goes up and down.
Have you tried shooting with it with the auto focus turned off?
It's gotta be the lens. If you send the lens to Canon, they will give you a cause and a quote, I believe for free? Maybe not. They will ask for the camera body also. When my 17mm TS-E had a damaged front element, I had it back in less than a week.
If it's under warranty, they won't charge to evaluate. If it isn't, they'll make you agree to a flat rate charge to fix whatever they find. Just for comparison, it was $85 for my EF-S 10-22mm ($700-$800 lens). For the price they fixed it when I broke it in half and on the next time around the replaced the frone element and some other parts.
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