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How long did it take you to snowshoe up there? Love your first photo by the way.

About 3 hours or so... we had to stop after the bridge off Red Pine to do some snowshoe modifications on my friend's shoes before the undulating climb into Maybird.
We stopped short of the ponds and the cirque this year, but depending on how winded you are the cirque is 20 or so minutes uphill.
I posted this pic in the trip report, but it was a great spot on an Allen route in the Escalante region. March 2023 - and 6 days of unseasonably cold weather. This night was not too bad at 22°F

I acquired a pretty good transparency scanner, so I have been going through old slides. This is from 1982, when Nancy and I were driving to San Francisco from our home in San Diego to visit friends at Christmas. I believe this is somewhere north of Moro Bay. We were driving along on Hwy. 1. We had not seen any signs of humans or buildings for a while. We noticed a flat spot on the beach side of the hwy about 50' in. It was just before sunset, we had a bottle of wine, sleeping bags and a tent. So I locked the front wheels and found our spot for the night.


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