Came for some trip beta, stayed for the great community...


Dec 30, 2014
Hi everyone, I just signed up after stalking other folks' trip reports for beta.

I'm in Washington state, but looking for backpacking trips anywhere in the West. I used to live and work in the backcountry much of the year, and now that I have a "real" job I need some solo backpacking time. My pup and I took our first backpacking trip together to Eagle Cap, OR, in September and it was awesome. I'm currently researching for a 5ish day trip somewhere in southern Utah for late April (with the mutt). If anyone has any suggestions, that would be awesome! So far, top ideas are Dark Canyon Loop or Swett/Woodruff with side adventures.
Welcome to BCP, Lisa! Some of the best dog-friendly southern Utah backpacking is found in the Grand Staircase-Escalante and Glen Canyon regions. That national parks are not very accommodating in that respect. There is some other good stuff in the SE corner but the dog rules are hit and miss there.