Butler Wash Road

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    In October of 2015, me and my friends tried to drive Butler Wash Road starting at Hwy 95 in a passenger van. Things didn't go all that well - we got stuck in a sandy wash. A good samaritan with a tow chain got us out and we bailed, going to Grand Gulch instead. We had a fine time in the gulch, and we want to make a second attempt on Comb Ridge.

    I've driven a lot of passenger cars on crummy roads, and this is the only time I got stuck. This year, we'll be driving a large 4 wheel drive pick up truck.

    The guy how yanked us out of the sand said that the road was particularly difficult that year as it had been drier that normal so where there had been hard packed sand , there was more loose sand. I was wondering what kind of shape that road is in now. Any info will be appreciated. We're coming out from Wisconsin in March.