Buckskin Gulch via Wire Pass/White House - 2007

Jan 17, 2012
In April of 2007, my wife and I, along with her brother and another good friend decided to take on Buckskin Gulch. We'd be planning on the trip since late 2006, and were extremely excited. Conditions and weather had been good for a couple of weeks, and we started off strong - spent the night at the Wire Pass campground, then got an early start the following day.

Wire Pass by Clint Ireland Huffman, on Flickr

Wire Pass gets Skinny by Clint Ireland Huffman, on Flickr

We encountered our first serious water shortly after we entered Buckskin Gulch - it was only thigh deep, but boy was it cold!

Annie and Will wade in Buckskin Gulch by Clint Ireland Huffman, on Flickr

We took our time, enjoying much of what the canyon had to offer.

Will, Annie and Dathan in Buckskin Gulch by Clint Ireland Huffman, on Flickr

Log Jams

Logjam in Buckskin Gulch by Clint Ireland Huffman, on Flickr

And generally beautiful scenery.

Buckskin Gulch by Clint Ireland Huffman, on Flickr

Buckskin Gulch by Clint Ireland Huffman, on Flickr

Your neck begins to hurt as the canyon walls get deeper, and you strain to look up.

Buckskin Gulch by Clint Ireland Huffman, on Flickr

paria buckskin gulch april 2007 (38) by Clint Ireland Huffman, on Flickr

Shades of green begin to appear as you near the Paria Confluence

Buckskin Gulch by Clint Ireland Huffman, on Flickr

Trees and grass in the area where we made our camp

a desert oasis by Clint Ireland Huffman, on Flickr

We completed our first 13 miles to sleep at the campsites a ways from the Paria confluence. I'd overpacked my Atmos 35 as a overnight pack - and the stays had been pushing into my back from the start. After eating a backpacker meal, and drinking a bit of the Lord we made our bed and wound down to sleep pretty early.

The next day was photo free - we headed up the paria to the White House trailhead - I hitchhiked back around to the Wire Pass trailhead, then we made our way to a beautiful camp under a big cottonwood off the Cottonwood Canyon road.

Cottonwood Canyon Camp by Clint Ireland Huffman, on Flickr


Jan 17, 2012
Looks like a great trip, Much less mud than when I went down that same trail :)
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