Buckskin gulch/Pariah canyon Carpool


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Jan 25, 2024
Hey, last year I attempted to hike from Wire Pass to Lees Ferry via Buckskin gulch. Unfortunately, I didn't make it, which is a story in itself involving a SAR evacuation of an elderly lady in way over her head though the middle exit, myself getting violently ill the next day, and ultimately an emergency exit up Whitehouse.

However I'm gearing up for it again, dates are hazy, but I'm planning late May to Mid June. No one in my social circle is particularly interested in this kind of thing, meaning I will have to use a shuttle service, however, the shuttle's cost won't change whether there's one head in the car or four, so if anyone is interested in sharing shuttle costs/car pooling, reply or PM me.
I'm looking to run shuttle May 6th if anyone would like to coordinate