Buck Canyon, Robbers Roost


Jun 16, 2012
New Trail Guide up for Buck Canyon in the Robbers Roost area. In-depth questions & comments can be posted in this thread.

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[bimg=fleft|225|Buck Canyon]http://backcountrypost.com/forum/data/attachments/7/7998-9ae9626216aa2b58935d944927ed3286.jpg[/bimg]
Buck Canyon was the first technical canyon I did without accompanying an experienced canyoneer. I chose this canyon because it only has one easy rappel. While this is a long day hike, the canyon is nice, with some deep, narrow sections, some wide, open sections, some desert hiking, and two arches. While this canyon is technically easy, it is still a navigation challenge, so leave yourself plenty of time to hike the canyon, and be competent with desert and canyon route-finding.


Buck canyon was one of my first canyons! My partner at the time determined our exit and we were a bit confused, thanks to Kelsey's crappy maps. In any case we had to climb up some sketchy and steep slick rock that had me petrified. I did like the down climbs though! Super squeeze!
Yeah, the exit out of the canyon and the drop back down in had my wife worried, but they were uneventful...you know, except for the crying and the cajoling!

And she wasn't too happy with the one tight and curvy down climb, either. In her defense, this was her first technical canyon, and I think I had shown her too many episodes of I Shouldn't Be Alive that were set in Utah!
Interesting! We didn't have to drop back into anything. Makes me wonder about our exit plan. We climbed up some crazy steep stuff and then followed the canyon rim back in the direction of the car for what seemed like forever!! I did like that cool dark alcove/ room though! The twisty DC was my fav part. ;) glad your wife did it and hope she goes back for more!
Here's the twisty DC! :). Forgot all about my photos until now. Haha!
Did you exit on the right or left out of Buck? We took a left-hand fork from the main canyon and then climbed out on the left side from that side canyon. This put us on the opposite side of Buck Canyon from the car, so we went back just opposite the car and then dropped back down into Buck and climbed back out the way we came in.

We only hiked about 30 minutes or so across the desert, so maybe you guys climbed out on the right side of Buck and had to backtrack further across the desert.
Yup!!! We exited to the right and backtracked quite a bit, following the rim back to the car. Was pretty miserable. Not to mention petrifying on the climb up. Looking back, knowing what I know now, I've learned a lot from that experience.