Boltergeist Canyon

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    My friend Richard was down for one more weekend adventure before I leave to Alaska for the summer. After a day with the crowds in Zion, we decided to visit a canyon north of St George. A technical canyon :hungry:

    Snapshot 1 (4-26-2016 1-04 PM).png

    After debating where the canyon was and a couple U-turns we set out for the rim and dropped into the wash. The desert was bursting with color as flowers displayed how well the winter moisture was for them. Quickly the canyon started to fall away and we were losing elevation with rappels and downclimbs. While short, Boltergeist had a lot to offer as far as canyons go: a variety of rappels, a lofty downclimb, water of unknown depth that one could go into or stem over and a bunch of pretty views. Our fun and leisurely pace turned the couple hour canyon into a half day affair, but what fun is rushing? After going down, we got to hike up, first up a gorgeously wet canyon and then a steep and spicy slope. Like I said, the canyon had everything, and was an awesome time away from crowds.

    I don't like to bring the nice camera into slot canyons, I always say that you shouldn't care about anything you bring on a technical descent. This time I dug out my old GoPro to try my hand at video documentation. It's crazy how hours can condense into minutes of video. Hopefully y'all enjoy!