Black Mountain - November 11, 2014


Dec 23, 2013
I headed out this morning to hike up to Black Mountain which is located on the ridge south of City Creek Canyon. It is approximately 4.5 miles to the top from the trailhead (Bonneville Shoreline Trail access). After crossing the shoreline trail, I picked up an old jeep road to the west of the Avenues Twin Peaks and followed the road along the ridge above City Creek.

15768402525_c2adf1dd43_k.jpgSalt Lake City seen from the Shoreline Trail

15583604240_2a32a62356_k.jpgSouth Summit of Avenues Twin Peaks

15768390965_34ab2c04ea_k.jpgTrail, just north of Avenues Twin Peaks

First view of Black Mountain

It took me about an hour and twenty minutes before I reached the base of the Black Mountain Ridge, where the jeep trail runs straight up the mountain. It is extremely steep at this point (no switchbacks) and it took me 30 minutes to gain the top of the ridge. Once on top, the jeep trail turns into a more formal trail as it follows the ridge east.

15768352725_2a43de667f_k.jpgHiking along the Black Mountain Ridge

Once on the ridge, it took another 30 minutes to reach the high point (Black Mountain). The last little bit had some scrambling and just a touch of exposure to keep things interesting. From the top, you get a nice view of Grandview Peak to the north, Lookout Peak and the Uintas to the east, and the Wasatch Range to the south. While eating lunch on top, two hawks flew within twenty feet of me. I could hear their wings flapping as they passed above me - pretty neat.

15582517579_ebcaab5a92_k.jpgApproaching the top

A short scramble

15583188907_69ccbf0146_k.jpgGrandview Peak with a skiff of snow

15744633066_c54a58286d_k.jpgLookout Peak to the left, the Uintas in the far distance

15768323125_0601ed392b_k.jpgWasatch Front Ridges

15583541900_0c58964c25_k.jpgCity Creek Canyon

I stayed up top for about 45 minutes before returning the way I had come, except I took in the Avenues Twin Peaks towards the end.

A nice little hike that took me about five hours and forty five minutes including lunch. On this day I had the whole ridge to myself. The only people I saw were two bow hunters on my way down.

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Beautiful pictures Hugh! :) Looks like great weather.
It was actually cold today. I think the high in the valley was 43 degrees. It was sunny but cold up top. It looks like it might rain here this coming weekend with temps in the low to mid forties. The mountains will be snowbound pretty soon.
It was actually cold today. I think the high in the valley was 43 degrees. It was sunny but cold up top. It looks like it might rain here this coming weekend with temps in the low to mid forties. The mountains will be snowbound pretty soon.
The sign outside the window here says 4 degrees.
Great pics and report scatman. Love the pic with all of the ridges layered.

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