Between Hanksville/Hite

Jan 19, 2012
I have a half day between Hanksville and Hite next week. Looking for maybe a cool non technical slot? Rock Art? IDK any suggestions.

Is it possible to hike into blarney/ leprechaun canyons from the bottom and turn around when it becomes impassible?

My initial thoughts
Blarney or Leprechaun from bottom
Stop at Hog Springs for Rock art/swimming (?)


Feb 23, 2012
Is it possible to hike into blarney/ leprechaun canyons from the bottom and turn around when it becomes impassible?

Definitely -- and I think that would be my vote for that area if you have never done these before. Check out my summary of doing just that last May:

(Please ignore the state of my site -- I'm still working on changing it up and thus in CSS/Wordpress hell. It might even change while you are viewing the page! )

- Jamal


Aug 9, 2007
The new site looks like it's coming along well, Jamal. :thumbsup:

I haven't done the stops you've mentioned or really much of anything around there. But I have always wanted to hike down Maidenwater Canyon. It's a few miles south of Sandthrax on SR 276. The common route is to go dayhike down Maidenwater and then up Trail for a good hike but most people say Trail pretty well sucks. I read recently about a more interesting route that goes down Maidenwater and then up onto a bench for a more scenic walk back.

AJ Road Trips has a description of that route. Let me know if you want more detail, I can round it up. ;)


Jan 17, 2012
Little Egypt is worth checking out but not worth spending half the day.


Disappointed, passed over.
Jan 17, 2012
I checked out Little Egypt and hiked up Leprechaun from the bottom the last time I was in the area. Both are worthwhile, and you only need maybe two hours at each place to see most of it.

Here's my trip report, there's a photo link at the bottom of the post:
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