Best dual use camera?

Chuck the Mauler

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Aug 20, 2014
Greetings. So I get a call today from a friend who wants to buy her husband a camera for when he goes on backpacking and adventure trips. She doesn't want to buy him a DSLR and thinks he would like something compact better. My suggestion to her would be something that can produce good landscape pictures as well as to take high def video and hold a 64 gig card.
With all this in mind, what suggestions do you have?

Another quick thought. How about the GoPro Hero3? Does it take decent still's?
iphone 6!

I find myself leaving my Canon S100 at home more and more since I picked up an iPhone 6 (work phone). The pictures it takes are remarkable considering it's a smart phone, significantly better than my previous point and shoot camera. The phone fills so many uses. GPS/NAV, camera, music, notepad, communications, etc.

On long backpacking trips in more exotic areas I do "lug" the S100 along since it does fairly well for a point and shoot. I've looked into getting a "better" point and shoot but I'd be looking at $600 to $900 for the next step up so I'll hold off for now.
GoPro Stills are pretty good :) This is from my GoPro 4! I just dislike how there is no zoom capability.... that is the same with my phone too.
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I too use my Galaxy S5 for my main camera. I am truly amazed now what we can do with Cell Phone cameras.

Pros for Camera Phone:
  • Take excellent general photos,
  • Take OK Pano's
  • Can be used for other fun effects.
  • Light
  • Small
  • Always have with you
  • Can be used for GPS, topos, sat imagery (even offline)
  • Music Player
  • E-reader
  • easy picture editing with apps
  • Take great HD video some even do 4K video
  • Pretty good Slo-mo (depending on Camera)
  • No optical zoom (unless you have special case)
  • limited ability to adjust ISO and Shutter Speed
  • No way to adjust Aperture
  • Night photos are not very good yet
  • Battery drains battery faster