Best Car Camping - Uintas


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Aug 9, 2014
Hello Friends,

I'm new to this site and I'm looking for a "quality spot" for some car camping. Originally from Utah, I am currently living in L.A and will be be back for vacation in a few weeks. I am trying to organize a kid friendly family/friends camp out...but want it as primitive as I can get away with.

I generally feel that car camping is cheating and highly prefer back packing, but there will be toddlers and babies to consider. Hence, I am at a loss of good areas away from crowds that have the magic and enchantment of backpacking.

I need to recharge my batteries and would like something out of the heat, with minimal/no crowds with access to fishing nearby. We plan to do some day hiking, so anything that would have some scenic day hiking nearby would be great.

I estimate approximately 5-7 tents spaces needed.

Any recommendations would be great!

I would go north slope. Drive to mountain view wyoming then go south. It dosnt matter where its all awsome and if your in a car you can get away from people and still get there. Be awere the the archery hunt starts next weekend. But up there you won't have much of a problem.