Been here for awhile already


Jun 10, 2020
Been using the site for a couple years now. Have found a lot good information here and also discovered a lot of new trip ideas from all of you here. So I want to say thank you to all of you for that. Decided that I wanted to start being more involved on the site so here I am. Just another person here who enjoys being outside. Basically I just try to hike as many miles as possible mixed in with a little canyoneering an photography.



Aug 18, 2018
Welcome! Can’t help wondering where about this photo is taken? It looks familiar. We could do a “Guess the spot”!…
Also- I notice a dog in the background, does he/she usually hike with you?


Jun 10, 2020
Welcome! Can’t help wondering where about this photo is taken? It looks familiar. We could do a “Guess the spot”!…
Also- I notice a dog in the background, does he/she usually hike with you?
Yeah anyone can go ahead and take a guess. I don't think it should be too hard to figure out the general area. Pretty close to a popular place.

We've got an 8 year old min pin mix and if you look real close in the center left of the photo you can see our other dog. A 1.5 year old redbone hound. They both come along on most hikes. People are always surprised to hear that the min pin comes on our 20+ mile days. But he handles those really well.
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