Bear fence wanted

Still have to hang or store food properly, keep a clean camp and be aware.. why carry it.... Unless you're an outfitter maybe.

Most bear problems are someone surprising the bear.,....
I know you're not asking for opinions on whether or not to use a bear fence here, but I'm kind of with Bob. We rented one on a Tat-Alsek trip and tried to set it up the first night on the river way up in the Yukon. It was such a hassle and we never even got it to work. It was in the back of the boat for the next 11 days.

Side note, this is what 11pm looks like in the Yukon in early July. :lol:
Thanks guys. Our intent is to put it up around our motor home for when we are out hunting for bear. We plan to be gone 3-4 days at a time. Just worried that a hungry spring bear will destroy our ride home.

We thought of scent deterrent as well. Ammonia and Pinesol was suggested.

A fence seemed like a good option since we have battery power.

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I agree these sound like a major pain however -- my brother is a polar bear researcher and he's buddies with the brown bear people and when these sorts of folks are out in bear-heavy parts of AK they use an electric fence at night.
Not sure where you're hunting but this seems like overkill. I'd be more concerned about porcupines or marmots chewing on a fan belt, or mice finding a way in, than a bear breaking into my vehicle. In the right situation, bear fencing is awesome, as @regehr pointed out, but for run of the mill outdoors stuff, I wouldn't bother.

BUT, if it helps you sleep better at night, then whatever works for you.