BCP Fest 2020?

Should we do another BCP Fest this year?

  • Yes, this spring

    Votes: 9 45.0%
  • Yes, in the fall

    Votes: 3 15.0%
  • Yes, anytime!

    Votes: 8 40.0%
  • Nah, you guys are lame

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters


Aug 9, 2007
Who's into doing it again this year? I'm game, so long as we do it far, far away from the RV hell near Temple Mountain. High-ish clearance or very carefully driven cars may be required for this one. Spring? Fall? Suggestions? The road on McKay Flat out toward Baptist Draw has some good camping that is a bit more primitive. Or I'm down for another area completely just so long as it's suitable for a larger group. Chime in, or just click those buttons on the poll above.

Edit: I should confess that my true motivation is to watch @Udink and Chris do the stinky fish challenge.
I'd be up for spring, this winter is dragging on and I need something to look forward to. A trip to Utah would be nice. Alaska isn't eating all my vacation this year, so I'll actually have ample time for it.

That "meat" they were eating was some truly foul stuff.
You mean you didn't like the convoys of 15+ ATVs buzzing through our campsite and kicking up a mini dust storm??

Any season works for me. We had a great time last time and look forward to seeing everyone again and hopefully meeting even more BCPers!

Edit: and McKay Flat area sounds good to me. I've never been out that way before.
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Definitely plan to attend this time round. Spring would be great.
That date actually works very well with my schedule.
Oh thank gosh, I have been wondering if we could do another one. I will make it happen whenever. Just take on a third job to pay for gas LMAO.
Utah again??
Okay, so it'll be the weekend of May 1st, just so long as @Udink comes. Because I'm not in if he's not in. It'll be in Utah (sorry @Miya). Exact location TBD. Post up suggestions, but it's gotta be somewhere that 30 or so people can camp without causing damage. Deeper into the Swell is a good option. There could be some good spots on the rim of Labyrinth or out towards Robbers Roost as well. #1 priority for me is no RV hell and plenty to do nearby.

Also, sorry to whoever wanted to do it in fall. I kinda liked that too, but I'm flexible and the consensus is definitely spring. I'll post the official meetup thread once we get location dialed a little more.
Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 10.24.01 PM.png
Only suggestion would (selfishly) be 8 or less hours from Denver.
Okay, so it'll be the weekend of May 1st, just so long as @Udink comes. Because I'm not in if he's not in.
I should be able to make it that weekend--no promises on actually eating stinky fish, though! I watched some videos after you told me about it at the last BCP meetup, and it was pretty alarming to see people retching just from the smell. :sick:
There's a very good chance that we will be doing a 2 week desert road trip around that time, but our thoughts right now are that it will be centered on areas around the Paria, St. George and northern Arizona, and not the Swell. We'll see....
Question is:
Is this going to be a Tool fest? :thinking::lol:;)
I should be able to make it that weekend--no promises on actually eating stinky fish, though! I watched some videos after you told me about it at the last BCP meetup, and it was pretty alarming to see people retching just from the smell. :sick:

Oh yeah! The stinky fish... Someone bring Durian too, I have always wanted to try that!

@Nick I am going to put in my time off request to get there Thursday morning again or are you thinking we need someone there Wednesday to hold down the fort?

I would also like new swag. Who is artsy on this site? Lets make new shirts or beanies...or like outlandish underwear!
@Miya, I don’t think it will be as critical to get someone there early because we won’t be camping in such a busy place. I’ll definitely plan on being there Thursday through Sunday. I love the idea of new swag. If someone came up with some awesome artwork I would totally make that happen. I’ll start thinking about some designs as well.
Won't be able to make it... we are on the quarter system so that's right in the middle of spring quarter.
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