Baker Pass - Wasatch Mountains August 2005


Jan 18, 2012
This is a 6 mile RT hike up behind the backside of Mt Raymond in the Wasatch Mountains. We had originally intended to do the hike up to the top of Gobblers Knob, which is the highest point between Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, but I was really sick on this hike and just didn't have the energy to push to the summit, so we ended up just hanging out at Baker Pass to check out and awesome sunset. From Baker Pass you still had an awesome view of the great salt lake as well as an awkward view of the valley (it looked like you were looking down on another city). We started the hike around 6pm after work and made it back down to our car at 9pm. We brought headlamps for our return route.

On our way up we passed a couple who looked like they didn't hike a lot and seemed a little lost. They had a long hike back toward Dog Lake, then down into Millcreek (we started on the Big Cottonwood side), so we gave them one of our headlamps for the return trip as they did not have any sort of light with them.

The trail winds works its way up through the mountain, passing several small streams and run-offs like this.

Just in case we didn't know where we were

We were getting kind of hungry so we ate these red berries and rolled around in the vegetation (kidding)

Selfie along the trail

Alene in the middle of telling me a story (view behind her is where we came from)

Some of the trees up here were very large and took quite a beating from the wind

Looking back on Big Cottonwood Canyon

Sunset view of the Salt Lake Valley from Baker Pass. As I said, I couldn't quite make out the valley features from here other than the GSL; couldn't see downtown, etc. so it looked different

Self Portrait

I REALLY regret not pushing through and getting to the top of Gobblers Knob, but I know it's not going anywhere and we can do it again. Can't wait to do this hike with Alene again.
I love after work hikes in the local canyons! I do it all summer long.
I love after work hikes in the local canyons! I do it all summer long.
I don't do it enough. Wished I had done it more with my wife before we had young ones as it makes it much more difficult to just take off and do it after work. I'm hoping as they get older they can join us, or the two of us can do it more alone as they can be watched.
Let me know if you ever want company! I never get out on mid-week hikes. :(

Another sweet TR, Tyler! :twothumbs:
I will for sure do that. We need the snow to get knocked back a little more to reach the good places.
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