Backpacking the Lofoten archipelago in arctic Norway


Norwegian Xplorer
Apr 1, 2018
I spend 4 days backpacking, hiking and camping in the Lofoten islands in arctic Norway, climbing several mountains including Munken and the highest peak on the island, Hermannsdalstinden pinnacle. This was part of my Grand Scandinavian Hiking & Backpacking Tour through Norway & Sweden from the summer of 2021where I visited Sarek, Lofoten, Jotunheimen, Rondane, Breheimen/Glacier National Parks, Lierne, Femundsmarka, Galdhøpiggen, Kungsleden and much more. Enjoy!

Hit lots of the main tourist spots, but also some of the off the beaten paths. We were there the late in September, so hardly any crowds. Have seen a few places that we recognized from your videos.

Buarbreen Glacier after it had been raining all day and the trail was covered by many streams it was trying to cross
Trolltunga, got up super early and had the place almost to ourselves
Sea kayaking and camping on Naeroyfjord
Backpacked from Fondsbu to Olavsbu
Bessegen Ridge with all the people, but still amazing
Galdhopiggen from Juvvasshytta, just the 2 of us and had the mountain to ourselves
Trollkirka in the rain
Rasletinden on a beautiful fall day
Oslo and Stockholm, saw Hammarby vs Djurgarden, one of the craziest sporting events I had ever seen