Backpacking tent


May 14, 2013
My son's birthday is coming up quick. I have tried to buy him things that he will use for a long time and things that last. A craftsman tool set, Coleman stove, a nice ax, cast iron set, a good knife, those kinds of things. This time I want to get him a tent. Two man backpacking tent. But my budget is around $200. Can I get a decent tent in that price range?
I am looking for ideas and help.
Thank you, Jack.


Oct 30, 2016
REI Half Dome 2 gets a lot of love and meets your budget. I'd just hit the main gear websites, filter for 2-man/$200, and see what the major brands offer.


Jan 24, 2017
Some Ideas that may not get mentioned:

Sierra Trading Post has a Marmot Ajax and Mountain Smith, Kelly, and Eureka tents that are good entry level youth tents that will last a while.
Also saw they have some from Alps Mountaineering which are not too bad either.
Personally I have a 2 man Kelty and it was under your price requirement and I do not find it too heavy. It has held up very well for me in a range of conditions.


May 14, 2013
This is great. Thank you.


May 14, 2013
I think that I am going with the REI half dome 2 plus in orange. Just waiting for the coupon.
Thank you for your advice.

As a side note RTIC coolers are on sale right now. I bought the 65 quart last time they were on sale. It is quite big. I really like it. I used one just like it for 6 days in late May in canyon-lands and my last meal needed to be thawed before I could cook it.
I have toyed with buying the 111 quart but that is really big. I think I could sleep in the 145. (No affiliation with RTIC, I just won't pay for a yeti).
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