Backpacking Norway, Femundsmarka National Park Pt 3, Grand Scandinavian Hiking & Backpacking Tour Ep4


Norwegian Xplorer
Apr 1, 2018
These are the final days of my 10 day Femundsmarka and Rogen backpacking trip in Norway and Sweden. I go from Lower Mosquito Lake, to Long Tarns, further on to Lower Roasten Lake and I climb up and spend the 9th and last night on the top of Stor Svuku mountain. I cowboy camp on top of the world with the most incredible light through the night. Probably the most scenic night I have ever spent in the outdoors and as close as I have ever been to sleeping in the Midnight Sun. The sun was just below the horizon the entire night for an endless sunset into sunrise. I go down back to Moose RIver/Elgå where I spend a night at Lars Monsens Femunden Lodge after ending the trip.