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Aug 9, 2007
Okay, you probably already know about But what you didn't know is that is our newest advertiser here on Backcountrypost. is based right here in Utah, shipping out of Salt Lake and headquartered out of Park City. Pretty sweet for us locals who can place a ground order and often have it the next day.

Please support AND by purchasing your outdoor gear through the Backcountry links you'll be seeing around the site. Like these:

<a href=";ti=73165&amp;pw=42867"><img src="" width="250" height="250" style="border: 0px;" alt="" /></a>
<a href=";ti=69113&amp;pw=42867"><img src="" width="300" height="250" style="border: 0px;" alt="" /></a><br><br>
[/parsehtml]But fear not, you won't be seeing more ads than you're used to around here. I'd rather run this place at a loss than have it end up looking like some other sites that plaster them all over the place. :cool:
I've always loved their shipping speed and line of products. Excellent stuff there.
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