Backcountry bathrooms


Aug 29, 2019
With the huge number of back country users, there has been a huge focus on the human waste issue since many are too lazy to do it right, including packing out their TP.

Now there are back country restrooms in crazy spots along with innovative methods for making them blend in.

This one was on Vancouver island - those Canadians are crazy.


Personally, I have been doing my part by packing this with me whenever I go into the back country, little bit more comfortable and private - and to think that some folks complain about lugging a bear canister around.


How about it any PG rated restrooms on your travels?


Jan 16, 2018
Just in case you need instructions on the trail:

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Jan 24, 2017
Apparently I'm going to be using an award-winning toilet next weekend when I stay at the Boulderfield:

Having used the old toilets they had up there prior to these newer ones, I can say it's a massive difference. Its the first privy I've ever used that you had to 5 step "flush" that far in the back country :roflmao:. RMNP put those there and at the junction with Chasm lake. Very nice!


Aug 29, 2019
Those restrooms on Longs Peak are the way we should build in nature - very cool!

And to signs....



Ready For More
Jul 23, 2013
I remember the composting toilets that were newly built in Coyote Gulch as of 10 years ago or so. My were those nice while they lasted for the short time that they did. They were super clean and odor free. All you could smell was the fresh pine/cedar shavings. Then the crowds came, and that was that.



Forever Wandering
Apr 8, 2015
The rare and... "beautiful" flying outhouse as seen in Grand Canyon national park. We had the dubious honor of watching them replace the tanner beach outhouse in spring of 2016. I was not a fan of them... they were tanks with a seat bolted on top.



Jan 24, 2017
In RMNP, not all trails have a privy and not all privies are as nice as the ones in the Boulderfield below Longs Peak. Many are holes in the ground with a simple seat over the top. Some are not so well concealed either :):). This one up near the campsite by Ypsilon Lake is pretty much just out in the middle of an open area. So if you are gonna use it, better be listening and watching for surprises lol...

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