Back again, anyone using a teardrop?


Dec 30, 2015
Thought I'd say hello. I disappeared last year when I took up trail running again seriously. That meant every weekend was filled with training runs. I did hit my goal of finishing a 50K last November post lupus diagnosis. But have resolved to make this summer about embracing and exploring the beautiful place that I live. Have plans to do a lot more camping and backpacking. I'm even looking at possibly ordering a Hiker Trailer to make adventures easier and a little more 4 season. Anyone here using teardrop for their adventures? And a picture of Duncan, just because :)
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I don't own a teardrop trailer yet, but I have heard lot's of good things about hiker trailer. They seem to be decently built, and they aren't super expensive. I have looked at getting one with a roof top tent on it as well. They have a few Youtube videos out there talking about it if you haven't seen them already.
Mandy Lea has a FB account where she posts stuff about her tear drop - a T@B, so larger than most. She full times in it - she's a photographer.
Yes, I've a 5x9 off road version from TC teardrops (they are based out of Wisconsin, small family type operation)
It works well for me and 2 dogs, so far I've spent around 35-40 nights it in 2+ years I've owned it. Initially I had a regular 5x9 that I took for a week long trip in wyoming, and quickly realized I could well with beefier frame and bigger tires, and went for off road version, especially for trails in southern utah. In winter I use one of those little buddy propane heaters, run it for few mins to get inside nice and toasty and turn it off. Here's few pros/cons in regards to teardrops I've seen after 2 years of ownership.
1. Easy to tow(mine's around 1100 lbs)
2. Small profile means I can go to remote places bigger trailers can't go. (Not as versatile as sth like turtleback/patriot trailers, those things excel at off road gnarly trails, but they dont have hard sided sleeping quarter).

1. It's just a sleeping room with kitchen/galley area. Cant stand inside it, not much room. but if all you care about is nice place to sleep at night and being sheltered from elements, it's great for that.
2. backing a trailer is pita, and i've found myself couple times where Ive had to unhook it out on the trail coz it was too narrow or sth. So now whenever I venture into some new area, always mindful of how wide the trail is, how well its travelled and such.
3. This is mainly because I go out in off road trails, but stuff in galley area just gets trashed after a good ride. Need to find good way to secure food items and others properly, or dampen the ride somehow. So now I only store firewood and random stuff on the back, stove/cooler stays in my car for now.

Anyway feel free to ask any questions.
Here's couple pics of my setup.

Thanks @Nanda. The pro and con list was exactly the kind of thin I was looking for. I'd love something a little bigger and self contained but not willing to sell the Subaru and buy another vehicle just to tow a bigger trailer. I think the hard sided living space, and a real mattress will be the real gains. And like you said a little heater and it will be toasty all night. No more freezing my but off in a tent with a down bag and quilt over it.
We went to that Colorado RV show last month, and I think they're having another or something similar to it in March. Should check it out if you have a chance. All manner of RV/trailers including all sorts of little one-man off-road capable units like these.
We went to that Colorado RV show last month, and I think they're having another or something similar to it in March. Should check it out if you have a chance. All manner of RV/trailers including all sorts of little one-man off-road capable units like these.
Thanks a quick search shows there is an RV show March 3/4 in Denver. Have plans for the 3rd but put it on the calendar for Sunday the 4th.
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