AZ Strip bike exploration (Sunshine Trail/Hurricane Wash Loop)


Jan 11, 2018
Most of my off-road travels on the AZ Strip have been as a pass-through to get to other destinations, like Kanab Creek Wilderness and the N Rim of the Grand Canyon. A friend and I have a bikepacking trip planned this spring, so I figured I should transition my hiking only training regimen to include pedaling time. The AZ Strip has a spider web network of dirt roads, which are perfect for longer dirt rides (depending on conditions).

Last weekend I tried a route I found on a gravel ride site, but I wasn't excited about the busy and dusty washboard section closer to the highway/city. This time I decided to start in a more remote location and include a choose your own adventure section. I was pleasantly surprised by the interesting mix of topology and old ranch relics. Granted it was a weekday, but I only ran into one other person, a guy on a gravel bike on a section of the aforementioned published route. Winter riding conditions are ideal, mostly hardpack and gravel with very minimal sand/silt. I am looking forward to further 2-wheeled exploration on the Strip, with or without a motor.

Route Details
Mileage: ~24
Elevation Gain: ~2.3K feet
Water availability: Not guaranteed and limited to cattle troughs

Communications: Spotty cell reception, recommend carrying a backup map and a satellite emergency communication device
Road conditions: Muddy after major precipitation; likely sand slogging during warmer months

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 9.32.09 AM.png

Empty water tank near the Hurricane Wash turnoff



Temple Trail diversion (rocky and absent in spots)


Back on the main road


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Forever Wandering
Apr 8, 2015
Nice ride! I'm going bonkers here waiting for properly rideable conditions.


Jan 11, 2018
Nice ride! I'm going bonkers here waiting for properly rideable conditions.
Thanks and I hear you. It took a lot of will power to not drive to southern AZ this winter. The 50s feel like t-shirt weather right now.
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