Autumn Colors 2023


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Apr 20, 2013
This is always one of my favorite threads.
It might be good to limit postings to each response to thumbnails or just 2-3 photos, to keep from waiting forever for this thread to load.

I took my parents on a drive Saturday. They have had plenty of challenges, and they needed some time out of the house.
The maples on the Wasatch Back are really on fire right now. A few snapshots.

RCM02829-Wanderings 2023-230923-22.jpg RCM02840-Wanderings 2023-230923-30.jpg RCM02859-Wanderings 2023-230923-42.jpg

RCM02814-Wanderings 2023-230923-12.jpg
So, the larch. The turn to autumn gold was quite evident about a week ago, at a favourite place that has been featured here before. Still not prime, however many at treeline were in their glory. We knew that it was still a bit early, but it was that, or deal with the weekend hordes.
The wide palette of fall colors were simply amazing this past week in Calgary. A selection from several rides, where the focus :lol: was almost as much on photography, as it was on mountainbike fun:
One final larch photo from a ride in the mountains:






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RCM04161-PNW 2023-231003-29.jpg

RCM02988-PNW 2023-230929-24.jpg

Some off-trail larches with no one around for miles
RCM04696-PNW 2023-231006-6.jpg

The opposite kind of larches... those surrounded with crowds, requiring clever camera work.
RCM04803-PNW 2023-231008-8.jpg

I could fill volumes with different shots, but I also like these.
RCM04757-PNW 2023-231006-7.jpg

RCM02926-PNW 2023-230929-4.jpg
Took a couple pictures at home on 10/13/2023. The maples are looking good by the pond.


Tree lines around the fields are starting to turn too -- I suspect peak might be sometime this week. I have always liked the look of that lone mulberry tree (at the right).


Drove up to CVNP on Sunday even though it was off and on raining. Colors not at their peak there either but plenty of leaves on the ground to add some interest.

I love the ones from the East!
I felt in Quebec the autumn colors came on slow, then all of a sudden peaked and were gone.

Since I do not make it back east so much these days, here are some more from the NW under non-sunny skies:

RCM03474-PNW 2023-231002-8.jpgRCM03514-PNW 2023-231002-32.jpgRCM03532-PNW 2023-231002-46.jpgRCM03487-PNW 2023-231002-16.jpg

RCM03468-PNW 2023-231002-170.jpg

RCM03526-PNW 2023-231002-41.jpg
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