Aspen on Boulder Mountain


Oct 1, 2012
I'll be in Utah briefly next week, staying at Bryce Canyon. I was just wondering if there is any color left on the aspens on Boulder Mountain?
I'll be in Utah briefly next week, staying at Bryce Canyon. I was just wondering if there is any color left on the aspens on Boulder Mountain?
I went over it on Wed Oct 2nd and it was really lit up. Outstanding colors all over the hills. This was a first for me.... since I've always gone over Boulder Mt in the spring, when there are no leaves on the trees yet. The return on Mon Oct 7 seemed much duller. Maybe because it was 8:30 am and the wind had blown pretty hard for a couple days. There still were some strips here and there but not nearly as nice as on the way in over a week ago.
Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. I know that area peaks early so it's probably gone by now. I was wondering if it was worth a day trip but I guess not.
Peak colors on Boulder Mountain just passed and it is starting to turn brown. there are still some colors left, but the current weather may change that. Lots of colors along the creeks on the cottonwoods right now, especially Deer Creek and The Gulch along the Burr Trail.
I love to take casual strolls in the sections of the Gulch just off of the Burr Trail this time of year. Cows haven't been moved in yet and the colors are amazing.
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