Arch and Hoodos Destroyed on Video


Aug 9, 2007
Yeah... I'm betting fake. Most of the commentary on the original YouTube channel dismisses it due to fake camera motion and lack of delay between sight/sound. Also... as good as this group (and others) are at "Where is It?"seems like it could be ID'd if real. Time will tell.

BTW -- the "original" source on YouTube with more comments/discussion:
Ugh. Hope these assholes have to pay a big fine and are publicly embarrassed.
Just saw this. Anyone recognize the arch? I don't think there's any real confirmation yet that this was indeed in Utah. At the bottom of the article there's another video from a couple days earlier of someone blowing up some hoodoos that look quite a bit like the Rimrock Hoodoos in Grand Staircase along the UT-AZ border.

Videos appear to show 'Utah arch' and 'Utah hoodoos' being destroyed

Can't really like that...
I'm really fascinated by this story. The scenes both look like composites to my eye -- but I cannot ID any of the individual elements. So much of the video production seems fake and the online threads seems to corroborate this.

But... if it is fake... why? The videos are not monetized on either of the two newly-created accounts they are posted on. The channels don't claim any ownership of the video anyway though. Actually... the shroud of secrecy around the true source is another reason I'm suspicious of it being real. But if done for notoriety -- what could be the backlash against the creator if caught? IE -- are there any laws against posting a "hoax" like this? (Again -- I hope that's what it is, but can't say for sure.)

I'm also fascinated with how people are reacting to this online. Some people are (rightly so) outraged -- but they are immediately jumping to conclusions: THE MINING COMPANIES!, BOY SCOUTS!, ANTI-MONUMENT LOCALS!, TERRORISTS! etc. etc. I'm also bewildered by another group which is adamant in defending the validity of the video.
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I went by the Toadstool 2 weeks ago and it wss still standing, if uts the sane one, and it looks like it.
Maybe I'm just an idiot, but what looks so fake about the arch video? Seems like it would take some serious work to CGI that and make all of those rocks appear to tumble so naturally.
Bizarre. The surrounding toadstool area doesn’t look like Rimrock. That’s maybe the weirdest (or most telling) thing...neither of those larger areas look at all familiar, and if it’s real I can’t imagine these folks hiking miles to some rarely-seen remote area. I mean we have thousands of guess the spot photos on here whew people are identifying some super remote spots, so definitely fishy that none of this looks familiar.
If they're fakes, it's an odd choice of things to fake, but I can sort of see someone getting the idea to do this from the big uproar over the goblin-toppling jabronis a few years ago.
I think you might have figured that part out. But why in the world would someone go to so much effort for this? And I'm still perplexed at how real the explosions look in the foreground. It does seem sketchy that only tiny snippets were released anonymously, but seriously, WTF is going on here!?
so did our own @Christian.

This is very odd. Like a video artist is trying to spark outrage like Banksy, but this isn't man made walls. There are things that were around way before we were. I don't get it.
so did our own @Christian.

This is very odd. Like a video artist is trying to spark outrage like Banksy, but this isn't man made walls. There are things that were around way before we were. I don't get it.
Knox Harrington, the video artist?

Another data point, for me, is the fact that the guy doing the countdown in the second video doesn't sound like a native speaker of American English. It seems pretty improbable that someone would come to the States, find spot obscure enough that even the collective brain trust of BCP couldn't immediately identify, know how/where to get explosives, and blow it up.

The other possibility is that the countdown guy is a long-time resident here, and also hates the environment enough to explode beautiful landmarks... but you're multiplying small percentages (green card residents/naturalized citizens) by small percentages (people who want to blow up landmarks)... again, pretty improbable.

The simpler explanation, in my mind, is that a non-US actor created the video in order to stir up discord and political polarization, with the "left" blaming the "right" for this. Again, I have no evidence for that, it's just the explanation that makes the most sense to me (given the questions already raised about whether it's fake or not).
I'm really thinking that at least some of the background elements are from Petrified Dunes Viewpoint in Arches:
Solid detective work right here great job.

With these being fake the idea behind someone doing something like this makes me sick :thumbsdown: I REALLY hope this doesn't give someone any ideas.
As for why someone would fake something like this, it could be someone's end of semester project for a computer editing class or something
This is my exact thought. Somebody who already does this stuff for work or school just messing around, went down this little rabbit hole and decided to put it on YouTube to see what would happen. I kinda doubt that this was this big premeditated project, although I guess if we’ve learned anything it’s that we should never be surprised by something somebody does on the internet
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