April weather


Dec 21, 2012
Hey folks: Please pull out your crystal balls and give me the weather potential in early April for North Wash, Cedar Mesa, Chesler Park, Moab and Arches. I was thinking mid 30s to 80s?? My sleeping gear I was hoping to use consist of tarp, bivy sack, 40F bag with silk liner. I can bring heavier stuff but prefer to keep it light and simple. To improve the temp range of bag I will wear some extra clothing if necessary. I've had it down to 32f.
What are the chance of rain? Snow? Again trying minimize heavy duty gear. I have ultra-light rain gear and gore-tex.
I know anything can happen, just seeking your input.


Jan 17, 2012
Utah Springs can be all over the place. On some trips you freeze and others you melt.
Expect 20-80's with the possibly of 6" of snow ;)


Jun 16, 2012
Or beautiful and pleasant...don't forget the other end of the spring spectrum!


Jan 17, 2012
If your prepared for this...

It will make this that much sweeter....


I lava it!!!
Jan 19, 2012
I'm a wind magnet, I always had stormy conditions when heading out to the desert in early Spring the last few years.
The highest gusts I ever experienced where 63mph on my anemometer, it almost snapped the poles of my backpacking tent last year.
Breezy conditions are usually common during the transition between winter and spring, just be prepared for it.
Beside that there are a lot of nice and pleasant days to enjoy.


Jun 16, 2012
I had a tent pole snap from the wind in Robbers Roost Canyon just this weekend. Here's hoping Big Agnes takes care of me.
Feb 11, 2012
Bill: Can anyone 'really' be prepared for that:eek:

Been to Utah many times and have never experienced the winds.
let us know when exactly you'll be visiting the desert this spring... maybe you can guarantee us a wind-free weekend. :D
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