Anyone use foot powder


Mar 16, 2015
A friend of mine, used to be Army Ranger, is starting to get into backpacking recreationally now that his kids are turning into teenagers. He swears by the stuff, says it's use is ubiquitous in the military.

I'd never really considered it and don't know any backpackers that use it. Anyone have any opinions? I'm kinda curious now.
A while back I started to take some with me on backpacking trips because I read several articles that suggest it. After a year or so of not using it I took it out of my pack. I do carry some backing soda with me most of the time because it can be used to control smells in bear country and a million other things. I would reconsider if I ran into problems with blisters or athletes foot. If I was in the military I would probably use it religiously just because of issues related to athletes foot and so on.
I tried it years ago when I was getting blisters all the time. I thought it was a sweat issue. Turns out my feet hand grown and my shoes where too tight. That's the only time I've tried it.
No, never......pass a lot of it to Wildland Fire crews....... Gold Bond medicated.