Anyone for Lake Powell canyons (Iceberg,Davis,Willow/Cape Solitude/Canaan Mtn

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    Anyone fancy hiking /boating around Lake Powell canyons to La Gorce and Broken Bow arches in Willow and Davis, seeing 40 Mile and Fiftymile (and Bishop's Narrows if accessible), giant alcoves & caves at the top of Iceberg Canyon & maybe the huge orange wall of Explorer, and Fence Canyon.
    Or alternatively, a 3-dayer to Cape Solitude (Colorado/Little Colorado confluence) via Comanche Point, or overnight on Canaan Mountain for Tower Arch, White Wave & loads of hoodoos.
    If so read on...

    I booked flights from the UK for a week on Powell from Wahweap and a 2nd week from Bullfrog. But due to understandable changes in personal circumstances the people I was going with now may well not make the 2nd week.
    So I wondered if anyone wanted to hook up for around May 5-11 (possibly a day or two either side).
    If you have a boat then I'd pay all the gas. Otherwise maybe someone would share a rental boat. I know these are expensive, but to save my plans I'd consider paying more than my share of any split. This year's higher lake level is particularly good for most of these canyons. May also has long days and is before monsoon season.

    Although my first aim would be to stick to the Lake Powell bucket list, if I don't get anywhere finding anyone soon then I may instead switch to do the Cape Solitude or Canaan Mountain trips if there are any definite takers who I can pencil down.
    Thanks, Ross