Anyone been to Tatahatso Point, Navajo Nation


Jan 13, 2013
Was wondering if anyone has traveled recently to Tatahatso Point, in the navajo Nation....

Realise it requires a permit, but was wondering if there is anyone on this forum who has experience in getting there. I know the last short section of the road to the point is nasty, but is the rest of the road ok...? Will park at gooseneck overview....

Any advice appreciated...!
Hi Des,

We were in that general area last week, but not on the 6110 road to Tatahatso. We were on roads 6134, 6133,and 6130 to the south. Since we were coming from the north, we picked up the permit in Page, but you can also pick it up in Cameron. I emailed to make sure they expected to be around. Note that while AZ does not observe Daylight Saving Time, the Navajo Nation does. The roads are generally native surface and seem to dry quickly after rain, but we did see a few ruts from when it must have been muddy. Most were in pretty good shape. We drove my Subaru since it was a long drive and didn't have any problems, although it sounds like the last bit of the 6110 road is rough.

The biggest thing to be aware of is that there is a maze of roads out there and the USGS quads are out of date. I highly recommend a GPS and detailed directions to avoid turning at the wrong place. Planning your route ahead of time on something like works great. You can switch between the quads and the aerial photo to plot points and then download them to your gps. If you have an Android phone, check out Backcountry Navigator. It works great and is about all I use these days.

Hope that helps a little. It's a beautiful area.
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