Another 5th Water Hot Springs

Scott Chandler

Wildness is a necessity- John Muir
Jan 4, 2014
By the time the middle of December rolled around I was going stir crazy. I had me a case of big city cabin fever. Between a holiday retail job and school I'd not been able to enjoy any of my bread and butter since October, far too long for me. So when a friend of mine mentioned he was free and wanting to adventure at the same time I was, I jumped on it. Some searching found what looked like a good time: Fifth Water Hot Springs.

It was a very pleasant day. The road was unexpectedly closed making a couple hour hike into an all day venture. Luckily, the road walk is not strenuous and the trail had been trodden before us. We had the pools to ourselves and after lots of pool hopping to find a pot to not boil in we settled on the pool under the waterfall. It made for a nice cocktail as the boiling and freezing waters mixed. After a couple hours lounging we headed out and made it to the car just as a headlamp was necessary. Like I said, it was a pleasant adventure.


Fifth Water Hot Springs 002.jpg
Fifth Water Hot Springs 004.jpg
Fifth Water Hot Springs 005.jpg
Fifth Water Hot Springs 010.jpg
Fifth Water Hot Springs 013.jpg
Fifth Water Hot Springs 017.jpg
Fifth Water Hot Springs 018.jpg
Fifth Water Hot Springs 019.jpg
Fifth Water Hot Springs 021.jpg
Fifth Water Hot Springs 022.jpg
Fifth Water Hot Springs 024.jpg
Fifth Water Hot Springs 025.jpg

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Dec 21, 2012
So much contrast. Hot/cold, reminds me of my skiing days @ Mammoth mnt. and the local hot springs. These are much nicer looking tho'


Dec 11, 2013
That third to last pic looks like a forest fire. Very cool lighting!


Oct 1, 2012
Cool trip, I had no idea they had hot springs like these. Glad the dog did great! Sorry to hear they have mountain lion hunting in Utah. It's illegal here (CA).


Dec 11, 2013
For the most part, the hunters in Utah have the deepest respect for the animals they hunt. Although I do not hunt, I have seen them firsthand monitor populations and resource needs, putting the needs of the species above their desire to take home a trophy. It was a cool experience to see how well the hunters understand the fragility of the ecosystem, and the respect they have towards the animals.
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