Angel Cove Canyon - North Wash, Utah

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    Last week we went to the slice of heaven that is southeast Utah for a 5 day trip and enjoyed canyoneering, hiking, car camping, and star gazing. We spent our first full day exploring Angel Cove Slot Canyon in the North Wash area.

    Angel Cove’s two forks have a fun variety of rappels and slots, with some excellent views of the Dirty Devil River and its surrounding cathedral walls at the exit. Angel Cove is a great dry, technical canyon with the exit option of ascending the north fork on fixed lines. The longest rappel is ~83 feet.

    We descended the north fork in about 1.5 hours thanks to the fixed lines in place. Not having to set up rappels saved time and the fixed lines were fun to descend.

    Angel Cove 1.jpg Angel Cove .jpg Angel Cove 3.jpg

    The hike out has some pretty excellent views. Angel Cove 6.jpg

    Yay free, beautiful camping! And no one around for many many miles. Just roaming cows.. PB070031.JPG
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