Amazing Sunrises and Sunsets


Wilderness Wanderer
Sep 23, 2016
Now thought I would bring everyone's attention to the amazing beautiful sunrises and sunsets that I have been seeing all this summer. I live and work here in Jackson, Wyo., but have been sleeping out nearby during the night in order to save money. Also sorry for no photos for living without a camera at present. And have been witnessing this all summer with this occurring last spring also. It is the amazingly beautiful sunrises and sunsets that has been constantly occurring so much of the time. Some have been really really absolutely gorgeous. We have not had the fires in the area to produce such events do think. But maybe it is because of all the various volcanic activity that has occurred around the globe as of late. Just wanted to bring this to everyones attention, And post if you also have witnessed this activity. Wishing Everyone the best!

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