All Southern Utah National Parks and More


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Jan 20, 2012
In April and May of 2007 I went on a 9 day camping trip by myself (cuz my friends all bailed out at the last second and I said screw it). It ended up being one of the most amazing trips Ive ever been on. I got to film all 5 National Parks in Southern Utah and a lot of the road along the way. Here are each of the parks in different parts if anyone is interested in seeing in 30 mins what took me 9 days to film and shoot. A lot of pics mixed with video. A lot of the music is from local Utah bands too including I Am The Ocean, Clifton, & Beneath Red Rock. Enjoy, and if you've never seen this for yourself, it is well worth the time and money.

Canyonlands: Island In The Sky

Canyonlands: The Needles:

Arches (2nd half 1rst got taken off)

Capitol Reef:

Bryce Canyon:


Lake Powell (northern tip)

White Canyon (one of my fav parts)
This is actually the longer version that is around 50 min. The short "Red Rock Tour" 30 min version is a DVD I made if anyone wants a copy they are free, just tell me where to send it.
What a trip! Nice videos. Thanks for showing them. You saw a lot in nine days.
Thank you, I wish I could have seen more, but I am going back for round 2 this summer and focusing more on hiking Canyonlands and going to The Maze and also seeing Goblins Valley because I skipped that on this trip.