Alice/Toxaway loop, Idaho

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    I will be doing the Alice/Toxaway loop with my wife and three children next week. Three of the five of us have done the loop once or twice before but I want my wife and youngest daughter to be able to look into the Twin lakes basin from Snowyside Pass. The loop itself is pretty self explanatory. We have five days, which is a lot of time for just the loop. Has any one out there traveled from Farley Lake up to Edith Lake and then dropped into Toxaway Lake via Sand Mountain Pass. If the trail is rough past Edith I would not be opposed to hiking back down to the Farley Lake turn off and head back up the main trail towards Toxaway Lake. My wife and youngest daughter don't have a ton of experience backpacking so I don't want to scare them away from going again. I don't mind doing the loop again but I also like to see new lakes/trails as well. Let me know what you think. Thanks ~MJ~
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    when are you going? I was up in the area last week (Jul 18-21) and the passes were still snow covered. We went up to Lake Imogene via Hell Roaring and found the trail past Imogene was snow covered. We saw some folks who came over the pass and said it was TOUGH. There were stories of some tough stream crossing... but not sure how bad they really were.