Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah wilderness study area

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    Another magical place close to Bisti De-Na-Zin. You just take dirt roads for 17 miles from 550 (lots of routes, the one I took was paved for 4 miles and then road in very good condition since people live there). There is no trailhead sign, you just park on the side of the road and then you can see another dirt road (in bad shape) that take you to the entrance to the area. There is a LOT to explore, I was keeping an eye on the cloudy skies, so I didnt explore the area completely, missing King of Wings, but found a second area of hoodoos was was lovely.

    Enjoy !!
    ah-shi-sle-pah-1-2_33618249032_o.jpg ah-shi-sle-pah-1-3_33645423651_o.jpg ah-shi-sle-pah-1-6_33618242882_o.jpg ah-shi-sle-pah-1-7_33645416801_o.jpg ah-shi-sle-pah-1-8_33645415001_o.jpg ah-shi-sle-pah-1-10_33645411511_o.jpg ah-shi-sle-pah-1-11_33733949276_o.jpg ah-shi-sle-pah-1-16_32931837234_o.jpg ah-shi-sle-pah-1-20_32931825634_o.jpg ah-shi-sle-pah-1-25_33390182090_o.jpg ah-shi-sle-pah-1-26_33733932936_o.jpg ah-shi-sle-pah-1-30_33733925726_o.jpg ah-shi-sle-pah-1-31_33390164530_o.jpg ah-shi-sle-pah-1-32_33733922266_o.jpg
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    Super cool rocks and an interesting sky, nice photos
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    Love the second to last photo. Sky is really compliments the rock hoodoos. Thx for sharing.

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