Advice Needed for 5 night Backpack route in Southern Utah


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Jul 27, 2016
Two experienced backpackers and photographers (walkers, not climbers) looking for good routes in Southern Utah for five nights, the third week of April. Yes, that's soon!

Can average up to 7 miles a day, depending on terrain. Not eager to carry more than a couple quarters of water each at one time. Solitude valued, scenery even more important, especially interesting rock formations.

Thank you so much in advance for your suggestion, advice and recommendations.
This time of year a lot of people come on looking for recommendations on where to go. Based on your criteria you could practically throw a dart at a map of southern Utah and be happy. Check the recent trip planning threads and the trip reports section for inspiration, or narrow your criteria to get more/better responses.
@Tonydavid - I'd love to find out what you ended up doing. In April 2018, we did a fabulous 3 night trip combining Boulder Mail Trail & Escalante River, and we'll be going back to Southern Utah again in April 2019. Our abilities and interests are very similar to what you describe, so it would be great if you could pass along info about successful trips. Thanks!