Advice for hiking Pikes Peak in CO Springs?

John Kerby

Feb 18, 2013
Ok, I am an insulin dependent diabetic. 23 years. I am also a high schol history teacher. I recently started a club for diabetic students in my school, of which I am the lone sponsor. I am wanting to take this small group of kids on an out of state excursion, to show them part of the country and also help teach them how to live responsibly but still have fun. I am wanting to do 3-4 days in CO spings with them, one of which would be a train ride UP Pikes Peak, folowed by a hike DOWN. This would be 6-8 kids, all in good physical condition. We would pack food and snacks, and I would bring water treatment equipment in case we ran out and needed more. What do you think? Is the hike down that bad? Do you think 8 teenage kids, 15-17 years old, could do it? How long would it take?

I am also thinking do a day hiking at Garden of the Gods, as its free, beautiful, and physical. The last day might be Cave of the Winds, but I am not sure.

Am I insane for wanting to try Pikes Peak that way?


Jun 16, 2012
I don't think you're insane at all for wanting to hike Pikes Peak that's probably easier for teenagers to go down than up a 14er...they don't have the same knee problems that we 40-somethings have!

That having been said, though, I've never done Pikes Peak, but I've done other Colorado 14ers, and I've talked to people who have done Pikes Peak, and I don't think it's that tough. Here's a link to the main route info at

The only thing I'm thinking about is the distance. Are you in the SLC area? If so, if it were me, I would lean more towards taking them somewhere closer. Pikes Peak is a solid 9 hours away, and you'll pass a whole lot of incredible stuff on the way. I'm not suggesting something as close as the Wasatch, but there's a lot of stuff in Colorado that wouldn't take that long to get to. You'd end up spending two days just to get there and get back, and you'd be waiving at some outstanding scenery the whole drive.

But I think it's a great idea. My brother is a type 1 diabetic, and he's the director of Outdoor Recreation at a major university...maybe I'll need to suggest to him that he organize a group for other diabetics!

John Kerby

Feb 18, 2013
It would be me, my wife, and several other adults helping out. 6-10 kids. Coming from Wichita ks. Want to take them to Garden of the Gods, maybe Royal Gorge, maybe cave of the winds, so CO springs it is....
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