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Jul 5, 2014
Wasn't quite sure where to put this thread. Didn't quite fit into "Gear Reviews" or "Photography".

Whenever I pass through New Paltz, NY, I always stop at a great outdoors store called Rock and Snow

Anyways, last weekend, I stopped there on my way to a cabin trip up in the Adirondacks. I picked up Issue no. 1 of something called "Adventure Journal". I had never heard of it but it looked interesting and I'm always looking for a good read. Aside from a few forays out into the snow with Lucy, a highlight of that trip included sitting near the fireplace and reading this thing from cover to cover. I even stuck my nose back in it several times to reread a few essays.

Has anyone picked this thing up? It's phenomenal and I can't help but think that anyone who loves BCP would love it too. It's a mix of essays, journalism, photography, literature, natural history, environmental science, and it all drips with the addiction for outdoor adventure I know we all share.

While I enjoyed the original content, I also appreciated the 1941 classic essay "Once More to the Lake" by E.B. White. I even picked up a good recipe for homemade backpacking ramen.

After getting lost in this thing, I ponied up the money to subscribe. It comes out quarterly and a subscription is $60 per year. Next issue (issue 4) comes out in May. I ordered issues 2 and 3 (already published) but haven't received them yet. I thought $60 was a fair price based on the quality of the content and also the physical quality. It's printed on thick quality paper throughout, the cover is pretty much cardboard, and it was packed with great photography. My only wish is that they would use glossy instead of matte paper on the inside. Hopefully they'll keep it up and the rest will be as good as issue 1.

Anyways, I highly recommend it so far.

Here are a few pics I took of it...





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Jul 25, 2013
That looks like good fireside reading. It looks similar to a publication we have here in the UK called Sidetracked Magazine. It contains a lot of good hiking, biking and general adventure articles for when you can't get outside yourself....



Sep 17, 2014
So very cool. In this world of screentime its nice to see some old fashioned pulp put to exquisite use.

A good friend of mine here in Jackson still writes for The Alpinist on occasion.
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