Adirondack Hiking - the colors are starting to pop!


Mar 31, 2016
I hiked up Vanderwacker Mountain today, located in the central Adirondacks. Old fire tower at the summit, 360 degree views from the tower. 1800+ feet elevation gain from the trailhead.


the old fire observer’s cabin. Whomever manned this tower was a mountain goat as the trail pretty steep for the 1.75 mile climb to the tower.

the level part of the trail

Now we’re talking! Steep and often very rocky since it must turn into a stream bed whenever it rains. No switchbacks either.






It was pretty hazy which can be attributed to the smoke from the western wildfires. Amazing that the smoke travels 3000 miles!




the tower, not all that tall compared to others in the Adirondacks.



the colors were really something in the lower elevations. The maples are turning yellow and red but the beech and birch haven’t changed all that much yet. The understory is still pretty green. Temp was in the mid 60s when I started, mid 70s when I got back to the trailhead.


Dec 23, 2018
Love the colors!! Probably still a month away here in NC but should be great this year with moderate temps and lots of rain


Mar 28, 2012
Love it!

This is one of the few things I dislike about the west: it's harder to find those great reds in fall.


Aug 18, 2018
Awesome, thanks so much for the beautiful photos! It’s going to be spectacular this year, lots of vivid red colors. The big Maples in our backyard are all red and orange already. We are planning another trip soon.


Because I am able.
Dec 31, 2017
Oh wow! So beautiful to see all that color from a high vantage point! Thank you for sharing!
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