A weekend in North Wash


Mar 1, 2012
Five or six years ago during my first trip to Grand Gulch we drove through Hanksville along Highway 95 and I remember thinking how beautiful that section of highway was and I would love to get out and explore it a little more. However, as far as I can tell there isn't really many backpacking options, and since I had no canyoneering skills I hadn't done any more than drive the road while wondering what was hidden in the canyons.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and I am really starting to catch the canyoneering bug and I finally get the opportunity to spend a few days exploring the area. On day one we did Slidenide and Arscenic Canyons and by the end of the day I had no right butt cheek in my pants, which really kept me on my toes for the rest of the trip so I didn't end up with no skin on said butt cheek. :facepalm: BTW if you can only do one of these canyons make sure it's Slidenide as I think it is a much more enjoyable canyon.

On day two we did Foolin' Around, Morocco and Hogwarts. All three were a blast though Morocco was easily the nicest. Too bad it is so short. I will say as someone new to the sport the initial cairn anchor gave me pause. But after some testing it was bomber.

Before heading home on day 3 we made a quick run through Blarney. All in all it was a great trip even with the pair of pants and shirt I sacrificed at the sandstone altar. I can't wait to get back there and step up the difficulty a bit. Hog's 1-4 are calling my name.

I am a pretty horrific photographer , but here are a few shots.


Blake Merrell

Life Elevated - Rising Higher
Feb 25, 2013
YAY! another canyoneering post :) Love those canyons! Thanks for the TR.

3 days of canyoneering. Still have yet to do a trip like that. Just waiting for the day!


Mar 1, 2012
YAY! another canyoneering post :) Love those canyons! Thanks for the TR.

3 days of canyoneering. Still have yet to do a trip like that. Just waiting for the day!

It sure is nice to get a bunch of days in at once, though by the end I feel a little like I went through the spin cycle of the washing machine. :roflmao:Sadly no more longer trips until a late June Zion trip. Though between the late June trip and an early July trip I am hoping to go through this list:

Yankee Doodle

If the weather and my body hold up I will be a happy camper. If I can find a day to shoot out and do Quandary I'll even be happier though.

Blake Merrell

Life Elevated - Rising Higher
Feb 25, 2013
Kolob and Pinecreek are some of my Favorites! Quite a bit better than Quandary.... and I LOVE Quandary! :)


Mar 6, 2014
As a life long climber and mountaineer I just shake my head at those anchors and walk away.

Nice job. Brave.
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