A Morning Jaunt up Cherry Canyon


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Apr 20, 2013
I should have been up at a place called Strawberry, but the threat of rain had been enough that high altitude, spring camping was not alluring to the family or in-laws.
Instead, I guess I kept up the fruit theme by hiking the Cherry Canyon trail that climbs up out of the Salt Lake valley. The trail literally starts down the street from home, and since my goal was to get a butt-kicking to get myself into shape, and to get elevation as quickly as possible, this was an easy pick.

The trailhead had one single car when I arrived a few minutes before 6am. As I hit the junction with the shoreline trail, there was a little bit of color, and I needed to strip off my first layer.


Farther on, after only a few switchbacks up the endless switchbacks. These few weeks in May when the grass is actually green are wonderful.

The Lupine, paintrbrush, phlox and other wildflowers are starting.

Steep Mountain and where my more regular walks take me.

Cherry Canyon. There are some cascades that I didn't photograph beyond the burned out trees.

There are some great leg burners to reach this point, especially since I had a purposely overweight daypack for this one. This is the first ridge top, in a series of stepped ridges. Looking north towards SLC

Once the sun found me I spent a lot of time walking directly into it, the reflection of the water droplets from the soaking rain during the night was beautiful, but also especially blinding. I spent a lot of time with my hand up blocking the sun, just so I could see in front of me.



This little peak is where the scar of a 4x4 track that runs straight up from corner canyon comes to an end. From there you can drop down and bushwack over to the Draper Ridge trail. There are some interesting rock formations on that side of the ridge, but not so interesting from this side.

The wind was blowing toward me, as well as the sun when I first came face to face with these guys. I wasn't more than 15' away and the doe took a few steps towards me before slowly backing off into the trees. I did not have my camera out that time, but later when I ran into them a second time, I did. Not as close this time, but I think it is a doe with two "teens", the one on the right is a buck.

They became my hiking partners as for the rest of the hike we kept leap frogging each other.
I passed a single trail runner on his way up when I was 2/3 down the mountain, no other tracks, no other hikers until the shoreline trail.

Another photo while near the top of Cherry.

My legs had paid their due for this view. Cherry on the left, Bear on the right.

Just about where the sun is you can usually make out the edge of the cirque of Lone Peak, but obviously not today.

Another back down to the valley. Clouds and mist rising.

Clouds rolling in.



I passed 8k feet, and the clouds kept rolling in, and so shortly after this I turned back around. On the way down, I took this.

A little over an hour of running and cramping through switchbacks, and I was back down at the car, and home before 945.

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Dec 23, 2013
Nice report. If the weather cooperates, I'm heading for Mount Aire tomorrow.

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